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VR and Healthcare Regulatory Primer – V1-080619August 10, 2019
Virtual Reality and Healthcare Rehabilitation Research and News Articles Member Version V1-081019August 10, 2019
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VRVCA 2018 Global Investment ReportMay 8, 2019
VR for Innovative and Empathetic Healthcare Design – Jesse Purcell – Shepley Bullfinch – 030719 – TucsonApril 29, 2019
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Future Care Realized: Full Automated and Scalable Medical Clinic – James Bates – AdviNOW Medical – 030719 – TucsonApril 28, 2019
VR Adoption Amongst Older Adults – Fran Ayalsomayajula – HP – Tucson – 030719April 28, 2019
CB Insights 2025 Healthcare Technology BriefingApril 27, 2019
IVRHA Kick-Off Meeting Discussion Notes – Tucson, AZ – March 8, 2019April 27, 2019